Our History

Parkside Community Church began in 1913 as a small neighborhood Sunday School in the Harper and Conner area of Detroit. This Sunday School met in a local school and as they continued to grow eventually moved to a store front on Kerwin avenue (now known as French Rd.) near Harper. This growing church joined the Missionary Church Association in 1921 and became the Kerwin Missionary Church. The Church continued to prosper and in 1925 construction began on a facility at the corner of Eastlawn and Mack. The Eastlawn Missionary Church was born. When the church experienced continued growth, a radio broadcast was sponsored during the depression years, then the building was expanded and a number of members went into full time Christian service as Pastors and Missionaries. The late 60’s saw a decline in fellowship as many moved from the city to the surrounding suburbs, and Eastlawn Missionary Church relocated to Sterling Heights in 1970-71. Our current facility was constructed with the first service being held on May 19, 1974. In November of 1998 Eastlawn Missionary Church adopted our purpose statement and the church was reorganized around that statement to better serve the community of Sterling Heights. In May of 1999, 25 years after the first service, the name of the church was changed to Parkside Community Church. We have a rich heritage of Christian service and our desire is to continue to grow and show the love of Jesus Christ by serving our community. We continue to celebrate the road behind us and God’s continued faithfulness to us as we embrace all that He is inviting us into.

Our Faith Heritage

The Missionary Church is an evangelical denomination that is committed to church planting, personal discipleship, and world missions. Its roots reach back to the Anabaptist Reformation of the 1520’s around Europe from which emerged various groups valuing personal commitment to Jesus Christ as Lord (including baptism as a individual choice), lifestyles of simplicity, and a sense of community as essential to healthy faith. Fast forward a few hundred years whilst adding in the flavors of Pietism and Wesleyan Holiness movements, and in the early 1900’s we would have several communities of mission-minded Mennonites sending out new pastors and evangelists around the world. Two of these associations, The United Missionary Church and The Missionary Church Association merged in 1969 to become the Missionary Church, which would then adopt the common purpose of personal evangelism and discipleship to take our place in and offer our unique history to the modern day evangelical movement.

The Missionary Church is committed to Jesus focused ministry, Bible grounded beliefs, multiplying His disciples, personal evangelism, and world missions. Parkside Community Church is part of the Michigan Region of the Missionary Church, whose offices are in Burton, MI.


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