Sunday AM

We believe in celebration. We believe in life overflowing into art and so we embrace multiple approaches to music and worship. Sundays focus on celebration for Parkside Community Church. We gather together to remember who God is and who we are in Him. We sing, pray, share, and learn together in a purposeful atmosphere. Some times we will have a more traditional flavor of worship, focusing on piano/organ music with historic lyrical anthems. Other times we will have a more contemporary taste that embraces the movements of today’s global church in praise with a range of band instruments. Regardless of that day’s menu, Parkside Community Church is committed to glorifying God in art and with our voices together.
Coffee and Catch-up: 9:00
Study: 9:30 (June-Aug, None)
Worship: 10:30

Wednesday Prayer and Study

If you’d consider investing time praying for our community, friends, neighbors, and each other before studying Scripture with an inquisitive and fun group of adults in a casual atmosphere and you don’t already take the opportunity to meet with us at church Wednesday’s at 10am, then maybe you’re missing out! We are currently hiking through Paul’s letter to the Ephesians. It doesn’t matter if you miss a week here or there, we’re glad to have any and all join us!



It’s not just part of our name, community is what we do. Somehow, someway we will be together to embrace unity in Christ and celebrate His life in us. We may be serving somewhere, we may be playing games in the fellowship hall, we may be supporting a local business with our families or out to a Tigers game and embracing the love of God there, but we’ll definitely be doing it together. In addition to this approach to church, we also embrace our opportunities for community impact via the Community Outreach Group.


Parkside Community Church women are an active group who regularly come together to serve our community by making blankets and quilts the first Tuesday of each month. Some have dedicated themselves to prayer and care for many of us and our extended families. They love taking in a movie together, sharing ice cream, and visiting whenever it’s possible. 


Some take it black, others sweetened, flavored, or creamed, some take tea, the young one’s hot chocolate, maybe you like pop, milk, or just water- it’s no matter, every ugly mug is welcome when we have breakfast one Saturday each month, enjoy barbecuing in the warmer seasons, embrace a book study, or take on a church chore and get our hands dirty. We pray together, embrace truth, and believe what’s on the inside counts the most and that’s why we are a fellowship of ugly mugs.


The grace-driven “Steak and Shake Club” gets together for a full day of adventure, learning, and togetherness the last Sunday of each month.